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gb t 9948

07Cr19Ni11Ti GB : Total Materia

07Cr19Ni11Ti, GB, GB/T 20878, Stainless and heat-resisting steels - Designation and chemical composition, GB 5310, Seamless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boiler, GB/T 14975, Seamless stainless steel tubes for structure, GB/T 14976, Seamless stainless steel pipes for fluid transport, GB 9948, Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking, GB 13296, Seamless stainless steel tubes for gb t 99482017- Mar 31, 2017gb/t 713-2014. gb 3087-2008. . gb/t 3087-2008. gb 3531-2014. . gb/t 3531-2014. gb 5310-2008. . gb/t 5310-2008. gb 9948-2013. . gb/t 9948-2013. gb 12337-2014. . gb/t 12337-2014. gb 16749-1997. gb t 9948

ASTM A213 Sinovest Group

Boiler Tube Standard China Standard GB 3087,GB 5310,GB 6479,GB 9948,GB/T 13296 American Standard ASTM A106,ASTM A178,ASTM A179,ASTM A192,ASTM A209,ASTM A210,ASTM gb t 9948El recipiente de presión con el tubo sin soldadura de alta gb t 9948Jul 25, 2019La tubería de acero sin costura GB / T 9948-2013 es adecuada para la tubería sin costura del tubo del horno, el tubo del intercambiador de calor y la tubería de presión de la refinería de petróleo. Es un tubo sin soldadura de alto estándar utilizado para recipientes de alta presión y presión.GB 9948-2013, PDF in English. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Bulletin No. 55 of 2012. This standard specifies the petrochemical industry with a nominal diameter gb t 9948


GB Z14 GB/T 718 China Cast iron for casting GB L245NC GB/T 9711.3 China Petroleum and natural gas industries - Technical requirements for delivery of steel tubes - Part 3 Grade C GB 12Cr5MoNT GB 9948 China Seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking GB QT450-10 GB/T 1348 China Ductile iron castings GB 15Cr GB/T 3077 China gb t 9948GB/T 1979-2001 English Version, GB/T 1979-2001 * GB 9948-2013 Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking * GB/T 17396-2009 Hot-rolled seamless steel tubes for hydraulic pillar service * GB 5310-2008 Seamless Steel Tubes and Pipes for High Pressure Boiler * GB 3087-2008 Seamless Steel Tubes for Low and Medium Pressure BoilerGB/T 20801.2-2006, PDF in EnglishChinese. 49. Add to Cart. <=1-day. [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House] Click to buy GB/T 20801.2-2006, PDF in English version. Auto-delivered in 0~10 minutes.

Pipa Baja Karbon Astm A35 24 Inci Harga Pipa Per Meter gb t 9948

astm, bs, gb, astm a106-2006, astm a213-2001, astm a53-2007, bs 1387, gb 5310-1995, gb 3087-1999, gb/t 8163-1999, gb/t 9711.1-1997, gb 9948-2006, gb 6479-2000, gb/t8162, gb 5130, gb/t5310Product introduction - baosteelGB 3087GB 5310GB 6479GB 9948GB/T 13296. Japaneses industrial standards. JIS G 3456JIS G 3461JIS G 3462. Uses For manufacture wall panel, economizer, reheater, superheater and steam pipeline of boilers.Seamless pipes by applications, Seamless pipes, Cold drawn gb t 9948The size in the table above is for the cold-drawn or cold-rolled tubes. The size of the green area is the regular specification, we can accept orders directly, but the yellow area shall be subject to a technical evaluation. The Out side diameter (O.D) and wall thickness (W.T.) of the tube should be complied.

Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe - China Saky Steel

gb/t 14975-2002,gb/t 14976-2002,gb 13296-2007,gb 9948-2006,gb 5310-95 ASTM A312, ASTM A213, ASTM A269 and ASTM A511, ASTM A789 and ASTM A790 JIS 3463 and JIS 3459Wholesale high quality hot rolled seamless steel tube gb t 9948Product Features. Hot rolled Seamless steel pipes Good mechanical properties,Easy mechanical handling,Can withstand greater pressure,Wide range of applications.Hot-rolled seamless steel pipes have a hollow section, and a large number of pipelines for conveying fluids, such as pipelines for conveying oil, natural gas, gas, water and certain solid materials, are used.


Con un equipo técnico de producción y procesamiento, brindaremos un servicio profundo para placas / tuberías / bobinas de acero. Deje un mensaje sobre su requisito. Nuestro personal postventa profesional le responderá en 24 horas.

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